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Floodtide has a Scheduled Publication Date!

Tuesday, January 15, 2019 - 06:52

I finally have the projected publication date for Floodtide (by virtue of simply asking about it). It's on the Bella Books schedule for October 2019. My mind immediately goes to thinking about where that falls with respect to conventions and whatnot. It won't be out for Worldcon (which in some ways is easier, because I can talk it up without the anxiety of having actual books in hand), but it should be out in time for Sirens (which I hope it's a good fit for in terms of readers, though not an event where I'd feel comfortable holding a launch party). Ok, planning brain, time to rein you in a bit. I have a pub date! Now you can officially put Floodtide on your list of "anticipated books for 2019."

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