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Blog entry

I'm still considering whether I want to continue posting teasers for Mother of Souls now that it's out. They don't serve the same purpose now that people can actually go read the book, and it's getting harder and harder to pick interesting selections that don't include significant spoilers. So while I'm thinking about what I want to do with Writing Blog Tuesday, it seemed a good time to do a year-end summary of what I've produced this year. At this point, everything that's going to be published is out there.

I have't been systematic about posting links to my monthly column at the Queer SciFi blog. I have a new column up on "The Changing Role of Amazons," looking at how the gender-transgressive nature of the Amazon either was or was not associated with homoerotic potential in medieval and Renaissance literature.

As if I didn't have enough plates spinning in mid-air, I've started doing a monthly column at Queer Sci Fi, focusing on motifs, tropes, and echoes of queer fantasy themes in historic literature. The venue gives me a chance to branch out a bit from the women-centered research I discuss for the Lesbian Historic Motif Project.

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