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BayCon Panel Notes: Costuming Through the Ages

Tuesday, May 29, 2018 - 07:51

I promised to put up some bibliographic notes for people who attended the BayCon panel "Costuming through the Ages" (i.e., what people in the past wore when then "dressed in costume"). Some of these are directly related to the topic of the panel, and others came out of a request for historic costume references on specific topics. Here are the titles that I remember being mentioned:

Facsimile of a Renaissance Italian Court Designer's Sketchbook

Royal Inventories - Some of the royal inventories and wardrobe accounts are good places to research the topic of masque costumes.

  • Arnold, Janet. 1988. Queen Elizabeth's Wardrobe Unlock'd. Routledge. ISBN 978-0901286208
  • Hayward, Maria & Philip Ward, eds. 2012. The Inventory of King Henry VIII - Volume II Textiles and Dress. Harvey Miller Publishers for The Society of Antiquaries of London. ISBN 978-1-905375-42-4 [Note: this is an entire series of books on various topics within the inventory. Search on "inventory of King Henry VIII" for all volumes.]

Tudor Tailor - This series of books was recommended as a good starting place for people who want to do 16th c English costuming.

  • Mikhaila, Ninya and Jane Malcolm-Davies.  2006.  The Tudor Tailor.  Costume and Fashion Press, Hollywood.  ISBN 0-89676-255-6
  • Johnson, Caroline.  2009.  The King's Servants: Men's dress at the accession of Henry VIII.  Fat Goose Press Ltd., Lightwater.  ISBN 978-0-9562674-0-5
  • Johnson, Caroline. 2011. The Queen's Servants: Gentlewomen's dress at the accession of Henry VIII. Fat Goose Press, Lightwater. ISBN 978-0-9562674-1-2
  • Huggett, Jane & Ninya Mikhaila. 2013. The Tudor Child: Clothing and Culture 1485 to 1625. Fat Goose Press, Lightwater. ISBN 978-0-89676-267-1

Victorian Bat Costumes - One panelist passed around a display of Victorian bat costumes collected on Pinterest. I don't know what the link for that specific collection is, but I recognize several of the costumes in this Pinterest search on the phrase "Victorian bat costumes".

References for Eastern European Clothing in the 15-16th Century - I'm interpreting this a bit broader than the original question and including some Balkan material. But this is just a raw dump of titles I have in my own personal library and is not necessarily a guide to the best available resources.

  • Nicolescu, Corina.  1970.  Costumul de Curte in Tarile Romane (Sec. XIV-XVIII).  Museul de Arta al Republicii Socialiste Romania, Bucuresti.  [Romania, 14-18th century]
  • Turnau, Irena.  1991.  History of Dress in Central and Eastern Europe from the Sixteenth to the Eighteenth Century.  Inst for Hist of Mod Cult, Warsaw.  ISBN  83-85463-03-8

There was a specific request (if I recall correctly) for Polish and Lithuanian topics.

  • Volkaite-Kulikauskiene, Regina.  1997.  Senoves Lietuviu Drabuziai ir ju Papuosalai.  Lietuvos Istorijos Institutas, Vilnius.  ISBN 9986-780-14-4 [Note: title and author have diacritics that have been omitted. This book is what I have on pre-modern Lithuanian clothing, but as I recall it's all medieval. It's an archaeology report, but I believe there are some drawings of reconstructions of the original outfits.]
  • Gutkowska-Rychlewska, Maria.  1968.  Historia Ubiorow.  Zakład Narodowy im. Ossolińskich. [History of costume in Poland. In Polish. Some interesting examples of surviving garments, however there is also a bunch of material taken from secondary sources such as Adrien Harmand's speculative reconstructions of the male clothing worn by Jeanne d'Arc, so use with caution.]

If you have other useful references on any of these topics or would like to expand on or correct any of my desciptions, please add them in comments. (There may be a slight delay in the comments posting as I have to manually approve them currently.)

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