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Bella Distributing is holding a "Scary Good Paperback Sales" lasting through this whole weekend. Check it out for some stupendous deals on lesbian genre fiction--including Daughter of Mystery and The Mystic Marriage! If you've been waiting for a great deal to get caught up with the series in paperback in time for the release of Mother of Souls, it won't get any better than this. (If you want a chance to get caught up in e-book...well, you never know.)

I don't know how many people have explored all the nooks and crannies of my website. Did you know I have a page with links to interviews and articles and whatnot about me on other people's sites? If you get more curious about my thought processes than my own blogging will satisfy, you might find the reading interesting.

You (collectively) met the challenge and blew past my Arbitrary Nice Round Number Sales Target for the Historic Fantasy StoryBundle. So that means I'm giving away five (5) e-books of The Mystic Marriage to the first five people who comment on this thread affirming that they want a copy and that they bought the StoryBundle. (Completely on the honor system--I have no way of verifying this.)

It's just over 48 hours to the end of the Historic Fantasy StoryBundle. A whole collection of magical explorations of the past for an astoundingly affordable price. Now, I suspect that most of my  readers have already either bought it or decided not to buy it. But on the off chance that you're still teetering on the edge, here's an incentive. We are in spitting distance of the bundle sales numbers hitting a nice, round arbitrary target. I'm not going to tell you what it is, but I'll tell you if we made it.

It’s no secret that offers like the Historic Fantasy StoryBundle aren’t acts of charity. The logic is multipronged. If you already like Author A, you should try Authors B and C who write in a similar genre. And if you like the bundled books by A, B, or C, perhaps you’ll like them enough to search out other books those authors have written.

(Geonn Cannon has two books in the Historic Fantasy StoryBundle, which only runs for five more days. Here he talks about how his werewolves ended up fighting Nazis in WWII. Stag & Hound is part of a series, so if you enjoy this book, there are more to track down. When we get into the final days of the offer, I'll blog about all the other books our authors have written.

(The StoryBundle is entering its final stretch--only a few more days to go! Today's post is for those of you who might be looking to spice up your steam-punk adventures with some bad-ass women. Based on some reader reactions, "spice up" may be an apt description. It sounds like Geonn Cannon's inspiration process for stories may be similar to my own: start with a vivid and gripping "snapshot" and then figure  out who these people are and how they got into that situation. Geonn has two books in the Historic Fantasy StoryBundle.

(I was delighted to find out that Jo Graham's The Emperor's Agent--one of the books in the Historic Fantasy StoryBundle--is part of a longer series. In this blog, Jo talks about the real-history inspiration for her protagonist. Yet another example of how many real women of history have exciting stories that we rarely get to hear.)

* * *

Indomitable Elza

(I read Melissa Scott's The Armor of Light back when it was first published. A delightful book, rooted deeply in one of the most intriguing historic periods I know. It doesn't take much at all to introduce fantasy and magic into Renaissance Europe. This is one of the books you can get if you buy the bonus level of the Historic Fantasy StoryBundle.)

* *

(The fabulous Historic Fantasy StoryBundle is still running -- but don't leave it to the last minute to take advantage. Here's a column from Martha Wells about the struggle to keep diverse representation in stories.)

* * *

This is an old post I did back in 2011, and I wanted to repost it for the Storybundle ( curated by Melissa Scott, which has The Death of the Necromancer and Between Worlds: the Collected Ile-Rien and Cineth Stories.


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