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When you see a particular article referenced over and over again in very intriguing later publications, it's natural to hope that the "foundational article" includes essential and extensive information on the topic. But sometimes that foundational article is simply the point at which someone in the field license the topic as worthy of notice. Others later dug ito the details and expanded the scope of the examples.

Lesbian Historic Motif Podcast - Episode 224 - On the Shelf for March 2022 - Transcript

(Originally aired 2022/03/05 - listen here)

Welcome to On the Shelf for March 2022.

In which I once again disagree with the article I'm summarizing...

Lesbian Historic Motif Podcast - Episode 223 – The Marriage(?) of Berenike and Mesopotamia - transcript

(Originally aired 2022/02/20 - listen here)

Love Between Women in Roman-era Egypt

When I'm in the middle of a run of covering full-sized books, I sometimes forget how densely packed with interesting analysis articles can be. There's also a bit more feeling of accomplishment when I get to increment the numbers of publications every week, rather than once a month or so! It's been a while since I did an update on the scope of the project. This is item #339, which means I've covered more than a third of the publications in my master database.

The contracts are all in, so it's time to announce the full 2022 Lesbian Historic Motif Podcast fiction line-up!

Our January story, already broadcast, was:

  • "Palio" by Gwen Katz - horseracing politics and flirtation in 17th century Siena

The four stories we just bought (in no particular order, as the schedule isn't set yet) are:

One of the long-term "resource" projects that I'm gradually collecting data for is a catalog of romantic, erotic, and sexual behaviors indexed to the cultures and eras when they were popular, and placed in their social context. Think about the simple kiss. What did kissing mean in a given culture? Who kissed whom? In what context? What was communicated between the people who kissed? How as that kiss interpreted by those who witnessed it? If you're writing a sapphic historical romance, under what circumstances might ytour characters kiss? Will their first kiss be erotic or social?

Lesbian Historic Motif Podcast - Episode 222 - On the Shelf for February 2022 - Transcript

(Originally aired 2022/02/05 - listen here)

Welcome to On the Shelf for February, 2022.

Submissions are now closed for the 2022 podcast fiction series. Thank you to everyone who entrusted us with your stories. Reading and making choices should happen within the next week. So excited to see what the possibilities are! (I never read submissions as they come in because I worry that it might bias my opinions.)

This is just a pointer to the version of this paper that I blogged.


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