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Reviews of Floodtide

Jones’ Alpennia Series isn’t really about romance but it is about love. She writes “found family” better than anyone I’ve read. I’m fascinated by our queer foremothers and these books have fleshed out one universe where people who love other people of the same gender not only survive but they thrive. More than that they look out for each other, and in Floodtide we find out the affinity for people like themselves, people different in notable ways, transcends race and class.

Mallory Lass, The Lesbrary

The worldbuilding in Floodtide is also excellent, bringing magic to early nineteenth-century Europe in a way that feels authentic. ... Jones’s writing style is also so gorgeous, yet precise, that it’s impossible not to be spellbound by it.

I hadn’t heard of this author before I read Floodtide. Obviously I have now downloaded all of Jones’ novels because of course I did. She’s a great writer and this is an awesome book.

Jones creates a world with political intrigue, class systems, women who long for freedom and magic in its many forms. I don’t know if I have ever read another author who so seamlessly blends as many disparate elements all into a compelling series with books as unique as each main character.

This story took me all the way back to the Regency era and my favorite books from that period such as Pride and Prejudice and Jane Eyre but this novel stands apart because it possesses an enchanting twist of fantasy and magical elements that blew my mind.

This was a really good read. Jones writes very well and this book was no exception. I can’t wait to have some time to be able to read the other books in this series. I would recommend this to fantasy fans and fans of the Regency era.

Floodtide is a measured, character-focused novel: if its main protagonists were of a higher class, it would easily fit into the mould of a “novel of manners.” It’s also a coming-of-age of sorts: Roz is a well-meaning little idiot whose process of growing up and learning not to make assumptions about other people based on preconceptions is a compelling one to watch. And Roz’s voice, as she narrates the events of the novel, is a convincing one.

Liz Bourke,

I really enjoyed the slow unravelling of the plot, and the calm, steady pacing. It built-up tension in both the ‘main’ plot and all the relationships, leaving you on the edge of your seat. I loved the way everything tied together at the end and all the little domestic details of the book

Heather Rose Jones has a talent for meticulous world-building and her writing shows intelligence and a flair for her craft.

Alpennia is one of those fantasy places like Astreiant that is so real and vivid you feel like you've been there yourself and just forgot. ... I love this series--the domestic detail, the focus on the female, and the heroism of small details. Marvellous.

K.J. Charles, Goodreads