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My BayCon Schedule

Tuesday, April 24, 2018 - 07:01

Hey, look! I actually got my BayCon schedule up on the blog a month before the convention starts! I'm going to be on some really intriguing panels. The one about "What did it look like when our ancestors created and wore costumes?" looks particularly intriguing and a refreshing take on historic costuming. (Going to have to dig up my references on Italian Renaissance pageantry, on felted animal masks from early medieval Scandinavia, and all the other fun stuff.) The one on healing magic in fantasy could get exciting--I hope the panel includes at least one person who's dealt with significant real-life medical issues. I've seen some interesting discussions online about the intersection of magical healing motifs with disability issues in fiction and I hope we get to cover that angle. And, of course, the panels on brainstorming and research are always fun.

I haven't applied to do a reading because the email indicated that they want to prioritize people who have a new book out or coming out. As always, if you're planning to be at the convention and would like to meet up with me at some point, I always like to have some meal plans set ahead of time to help mitigate my social anxiety. So please feel free to ping me if you're interested.

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