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Alpennia FAQ: Are the Alpennia books historical?

Friday, October 11, 2019 - 06:36

I'm starting to draft up a FAQ about the series, based on actual questions I've received or that have been implied in people's comments on the books. Let me know what your questions are, or if you want additional detail in these explanations.

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Are the Alpennia books historical?

The setting deviates from real-world history in two major ways. Magic exists. And the country of Alpennia does not correspond to any real-world place or nation.

Other than those features, the timelines, events, and major characters of real-world history are retained. Sometimes those events are presented as being driven by magical effects rather than how they are understood in our timeline. The culture of Alpennia is designed to be roughly accurate for a small south-central European Catholic-dominated country that falls primarily within the cultural/political influence of France. The attitudes and social dynamics around women’s same-sex relationships are intended to be historically accurate for this setting.

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